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Merida Park Equipments strongly proceeds to become most outstanding brand of Turkey with its modern service understanding and its leading expert staff without sacrificing quality and after sales services.

The main principle of Merida Park Equipments is making maximun contribution to the phpsical and spiritual development of our children with the products meticulosly produced by leading expert R&D staff and desing teams.

Merida Park Equipments, who provides most creative and innovative solutions to the individual and collective workspaces, also aims to desing future products form now with its global vision entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism.

Merida Park Equipments, 15 years of information and with experience accumulated,offers to the service of its customers wooden playgroups, metal playgrounds, external Fitness equipments, independent play elements ( seesaw, spring products, swings, etc. ), wooden camellia, metal camellia, wood and metal pergola, metal feet and cast foot benches, wooden – metal bins, roofed picnic tables, rubber floors, and so on frequently preferred products and products in landscape areas without  sacrificing quality and by producing in its own facilities which has 3000 m2 closed area with a total area of 6000 m2.

Merida Park Equipments adopt quality and customer satisfaction based on trade and service vision.This vision means that quality is not just about product portfolio,but about sales and service processes as well as in all institutional dimensions.

 To ensure this aim, each employee has to own all the necessary knowledge and skills in the field by having ownership, taking responsibilty and initiative.

A value as important as quality and service, it is to offer it an affordable price and cost.This is a sense of responsibility we have for our customers rather than ourselves.

Sincerity,transparency and honesty are our most basic features that create confidence.We are aware that we need to protect this reliance in all our tasks and services.

Our vision ;

Aesthetic and functional aspects of the best solutions by creating different designs to provide unconditional satisfaction for our customers and employees to lead the industry…

Our mission ;

Maximize customer satisfaction by using high standard, quality service and quality materials, respect the time and rights of our customers .fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values are our priorities.

Company Policy;

Meet customer expectations at all times, on time and in full; respectful to the environment, aesthetic and functional aspects of customer satisfaction at the highest level to provide service.

Trust, customer satisfaction, quality and innovative principles of service, ethical values, customer-oriented solutions, giving importance to being a socially responsible manufacturer company and to provide 100% customer satisfaction…

Our quality policy;

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of current and potential customers and to provide services above customer expectations,
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the quality management system, ensure the efficient and continuous development of the system,
  • Keeping the motivation of our employees high and improving their performance,
  • Considering our suppliers as business partners, to keep the respect and reliability between us at the highest level,
  • Being open to innovation, using the latest technologies and always looking for the better,
  • Being sensitive and careful about occupational safety and environmental protection,
  • Continue our activities in accordance with the laws and standards,
  • Use our resources in the most efficient way, maintain the title we attach to human beings and know the value of human life rightly in the sector with safe and quality works,
  • Make life more livable and raise healthy and happy generations by designing high standard playgrounds for our people and children.