Merida Park Ekipmanları
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• We create and implement the system for identifying, selecting and hiring the human resources that will enable Merida Park to perform its activities effectively and efficiently.
• We prioritize the motivations and Merida Park loyalties of our employees.
• We develop systems to encourage success and creativity by providing working conditions that are appropriate to the quality of the service carried out to our employees.
• We establish and operate systems that will enable our employees to develop, work with high performance and improve their careers.
• We ensure equality of opportunity among our employees and we remain committed to it.
• We take care of the protection of the material and moral rights of our employees.
• We create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment for Work Safety and health of workers and ensure the continuity of this environment.
• We constantly review, update and improve our human resources policy.
• We keep this policy open to the public.