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    Metal playgrounds have different groups from one another. Each of our playgrounds has been specially designed and has been finalized after long R&D studies. You can choose between our models for your individual and corporate play area needs and can ask us to install the most suitable for your living spaces.


    Each of our wooden playground models are carefully planned, designed and implemented by our expert team. Our wide & different model options are easily suitable for any age group or comfortably adapted to the any playground. Our wooden playgrounds that can meet individual and corporate needs can be personelized upon request. Also It can be customized for institutions and more suitable for locations.


    Our range of sports equipment are rich enough to meet all individual and corporate needs. And It can be applied to every area with its ergonomic designs and can be made attractive for those who want to increase their comfort. All of our models in different series are suitable for multiple & single use aswell. You can choose according to the width of your area and its usage then create an easy and practical sports area for a healthier life.


    Park Equipment has dozens of options suitable for individual and corporate needs. Each of our equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with regulations, as a result of extensive R&D studies. With our park equipment, you can make your parks more functional and aesthetic. You can enrich your parks even more and attract attention with product groups that you will not find anywhere else. Also our expert staff will be your supporter with after-sales services.


    Entertainment allows people of all ages to have a pleasant time. However, when it comes to children, this is an option for their needs. It is very important that there are areas where children can run and play games while discharging their energy. In this respect, the design of many playgrounds are among the most important details that come to the fore. Decoration options with the necessary material structure can be used for the design of these areas.


    It is very important to provide the necessary equipment to feel good in every aspect while spending time outside. People sometimes want to sit on a nice, comfortable bench and spend time. Hence various urban equipment are required in the environment to meet these requirements. This also applies to the trash cans aswell to keep the environment clean at all times.
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Merida Park Equipment with its experienced and expert staff, is rapidly becoming the most exclusive brand in Turkey without compromising on service quality and after sales service with a modern approach.

Merida Park Equipment has adopted the principle of making maximum contribution to the physical and spiritual development of our children with the products carefully prepared by the RE&DE and design teams that are experienced in their field.

Offering the most creative and innovative solutions to individual and collective spaces, Merida Park Equipment aims to design the future Park Equipment with its global vision, entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism.